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Uncharted 4 Strongest Debut In Series History With #1 Spot UK Charts

The PS4 exclusive title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is now the UK’s No.1 title and the most successful launch of the series. Naughty Dog’s final entry in the series exceeded launch week sales compared to Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception by 66 per cent. It has had the most successful opening week in the history of the franchise according to GFK Chart Track. Sony have yet to reveal official sales figures at this point in time.


id Software’s reboot of DOOM took the No.2 slot, making it’s debut launch sales at 67% higher than DOOM 3, with 56% of sales on PS4, 38% Xbox One and 5% on PC. These are considerable statistics as this is the first time DOOM has been launched on the PS4 and Xbox One.

2K’s Battleborn, developed by Borderlands studio Gearbox dropped from the No.1 slot all the way down to No.12 with sales also plummeting 75%.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III has been able to maintain it’s place in No.3 however, has faced a 46% decline in sales, whilst the PS4 exclusive Ratchet & Clank still retains it’s place in the top 5 at No.4.

  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Sony)
  2. Doom (Bethesda)
  3. COD: Black Ops 3 (Activision)
  4. Ratchet & Clank (Sony)
  5. The Division (Ubisoft)
  6. Far Cry Primal (Ubisoft)
  7. GTA5 (Rockstar)
  8. FIFA 16 (EA)
  9. Lego Marvel’s Avengers (Warner Bros)
  10. Star Wars Battlefront (EA)
  11. EA Sports UFC 2 (EA)
  12. Battleborn (Gearbox)
  13. Dark Souls III (From Software)
  14. Fallout 4 (Bethesda)
  15. Halo 5: Guardians (Microsoft Studios)
  16. Forza Motorsport 6 (Microsoft Studios)
  17. Lego Jurassic World (Warner Bros)
  18. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (CD Projeckt)
  19. Minecraft: Xbox Edition
  20. UEFA Euro 2016 Pro Evolution Soccer

(Source: UKIE Games Charts Week Ending 14 May 2016)

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launched last Tuesday, May 10. If you have yet to read our official review of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End then be sure to check it out here.

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Destiny The Taken King Updates: New Patrol Locations, Taken Army and New PvP Modes


The Dreadnaught – Source: Bungie

So we all know that Destiny’s third expansion, The Taken King, is coming September 15, 2015 to PlayStation and Xbox. Bungie, in a weekly news update revealed various new story locations for the long awaited expansion, ominous concept art showcasing the menacing castle in the sky, the Dreadnaught.

Andrew Hopps, Senior Artist commenting on the games new playscape in the games weekly update stated:

“It is important to us that you would feel the scale as you moved through the hulls of the Dreadnaught, never sure about what to expect as large spaces condensed to claustrophobic tunnels before revealing entirely new areas of the ship. A sense of wonder about the unknown is what drove a lot of the spatial design. It was an incredibly fun challenge to find the right balance between a mysterious tomb ship and the flagship for the Taken fleet – to capture the idea of this unfathomable threat, a monstrous spaceship captained by the Taken King, yet filled with vast caverns and unknown passages. I can’t wait for players to explore and discover all of its secrets.”

During an interview with VG247, Luke Timmins, Bungie programmer, had commented on various new elements for the third expansion. Timmins had explained that the expansion will occur in two new locations; Mars’ moon, Phobos, and Oryx’s spaceship, the Dreadnaught.

“The first mission you’re going to play is called The Coming War, and it takes place on Phobos, which is Mars’ moon. You can actually see Phobos in the sky-box when you’re playing on Mars, and now you get to go there. That’s where the new campaign kicks off. But the new destination in The Taken King is the Dreadnaught. The Taken King is this ancient Hive lord who’s come to this system on a mission of revenge, to get back at those guardians who defeated his son Crota, and he’s brought with him a Taken army.”

Timmins also went into detail on the subject of the expansions new enemies. The Taken Knight for instance has special abilities which allow him to teleport and conjure up a wall of flames, while the Taken Phalanx, like the traditional Phalanx’s, have the power to use their shields to aggressively push guardians utilizing what Bungie have called a, “radiating force.” Lastly, Timmins commented on the Taken Psions, which surprisingly has a freakish new power which allows him duplicate himself.

Creative Director of The Taken King, Luke Smith noted that, “one of the design goals for TTK was to make the alien races of Destiny feel even more alien.”

Concept Art – Source: Bungie




Designer Ben Wommack in the update also explained that the studio additionally made efforts into making changes for in-game patrols.

“We’ve created a suite of new mechanics and woven them into the Patrol mode. Every week, every day even, it will draw you back to fight through to its depths for loot and glory. Expect to find new Bounties, Patrol Missions, and Public Events both large and small – some of which you can even investigate yourself, if you can discover how.”

The images provided above is an illustration of The Taken King’s second patrol area which takes place on Oryx’s Dreadnaught – a menacing empire in the galaxy. Details of this ominous area indicates that the Dreadnaught is home to the Taken; which for anyone unfamiliar with this title, is the name for the “new” enemies for the expansion. Although there are the obvious quotation marks surrounding the word new to subtly direct sarcasm towards Bungie’s lack of creativity when it comes to conjuring up new enemies, but instead recycle old enemies, I can’t help but feel torn between the choice behind re-skinning older mobs.

The word “taken” which finds itself at the beginning of every enemies name,  points towards the fact that these enemies have indeed been taken and in a sense brainwashed into joining Oryx’s army, as is evident during an official, “The Taken King ViDoc,” where enemies are shown with an luminous white, “supernatural flame which burns them from the inside” as Art Director, Michael Zak commented.

Concept Art – Source: Bungie




The Design lead for Destiny, Lars Bakken, spoke in length about the games new PvP modes. One game mode titled, Mayhem, which is a completely new competitive mode of crucible. He commented, “we wanted to see what happened when we let ability energy and super energy recharge really quickly, which is where the name Mayhem comes from, which is essentially team death-match.”

The second new mode of PvP is what Bakken called, Rift. This second style of play is what the games PvP system was lacking to begin with and completely contrasts the traditional games crucible mode of, Control. Bakken asserted that each team has to attempt to grab what he called a spark, which players would then proceed to take to the enemy teams rift.

“There’s two ways players can do this. You can go in forwards and do the traditional dunk right in, and players can also back-flip dunk which nets you extra points for style. If the enemy team grab it, you then have to defend your point and make sure they don’t bring the spark back into your rift.”

So what do you guys think about these updates, locations and information on The Taken King expansion?

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Journey Remastered Review


The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word Journey as a physical, 1. Act of travelling from one place to another in conjunction with the metaphorical stance of 1.1 A long and often difficult process of personal change and development. Both of those definitions are exactly what Journey the game is all about.

Back in March of 2012, the mysterious Journey had been released for the PS3 and it was a breathtaking and moving game. Fast-forward three years to July 2015 and this masterpiece journeyed its way onto the PlayStation 4 and it is just as emotional and vibrant as ever.


Developer Thatgamecompany in this new rendition of Journey gave it a fully fledged ‘remastered’ treatment with an increased 1080p resolution and 60fps.

Fans of the game have expressed how thought provoking and emotional Journey was for them, even though the main protagonist is nameless and speechless, players at the conclusion of this game were left emotional, pondering and definitely wanting more. Journey is a game which you wish you could experience for the first time, over and over again. In saying that however, during various correspondents with fans of the game, players mentioned that Journey is one of those games that improves with each play-run and doesn’t grow old no matter how many times they played it.

The remarkable nature of this game is the fact that regardless of how long ago it was released, people are still going back to experience the short but meaningful story. The game’s theme of death and rebirth leaves players in a stasis of sorrow. Accompanied with composer Austin Wintory’s original musical score (which gave me goosebumps too many times to count), and the game’s vibrant colour pallets, the visual diversity of glittering gold desserts, violent snowy mountain terrains and a flow of underwater atmospheres – Journey is a poetically emotional adventure game you shouldn’t miss out on.

Only three hours in game-play length, Journey is an enlightening and emotional experience. The game starts off without any particular context as it throws players into the third-person perspective of a red-hooded figure. The only straightforward objective is the recurring image of a distant mountain with a mysterious bright yellow light stemming from the mountains peak.

The game play itself largely consists of walking, gliding and sliding throughout various vibrant and harsh terrains such as sand-dunes in the early stages of the game. One particularly illuminating element of the game itself was finding scarf pieces which could be found in various nook and crannies in most levels. This was a surprisingly fulfilling aspect of the game as players watch their scarf grow, it became a symbolic element of your protagonists travels and the progressive milestones in their journey.

Journey also offers hieroglyph-like murals in all stages of the pilgrimage which attempts to shine a light on the cataclysmic backstory for which the protagonist has found themselves at the center of.

The story although remaining somewhat of a mystery and undeniably open to interpretation throughout and also at the games conclusion, one can assume that your protagonist is what’s left in this post-apocalypse world and is attempting to reach the mountain with the mysterious glow to perhaps reach enlightenment and ascension to the next life?


The multiplayer in Journey is random and automatic as you can only be matched up with one other player in your instance of the game. There is no solid form of communication or dialogue in the duration of the game, aside from pressing the “O” button which makes your character exclaim an indistinguishable sound, which is surprisingly expressive. The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is definitely what this game has going for it.

Whilst playing the game myself, I had various anonymous companions join my games instance where some players led me to scarf pieces, hieroglyphs and intense moments of meditation. The anonymous companions when huddled up close to you, allow for a regeneration of your magical scarf (which allows you to fly/glide).


Journey is hands down a spectacular experience, especially if you are interested in being emotionally invested in a video game or you want a nice change of pace from the repetitive campaign, multi-player games. Journey is a game which takes you from point A to point B, and the events which occur in-between weaves together a compound of mystery and beauty, with thought provoking emotional tales to tell. Although the game is undeniably short and perhaps slow paced, Journey makes sure every minute is worth the penny and play.



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Destiny News Updates – Bungie Day, Special Destiny-themed PS4 Coming in September and More


Yesterday Bungie and Sony announced a new Destiny PS4 bundle. The contents of this bundle includes Destiny: The Taken King’s Legendary Edition, which is the version of the game which has all the content that is available to date, with a sleek designed 500GB white PS4 which has a silver map of the galaxy and a gold Guardian emblem painted on the top.

Although I don’t think that the white controller which comes in the bundle will have its face button and d-pad swapped (as you can see in the picture above).

The PlayStation Blog wrote:

“The package will include a white Destiny-inspired 500GB Limited Edition Ps4 system and a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, which includes Destiny, Expansions I and II, and The Taken King. You’ll also get an upgrade to the Digital Collector’s Edition, which includes the following content: three exotic Guardian class items with XP bonuses, three classic-specific emotes, three armour shaders, as well as the early access weapons packs.

The limited edition console will ship on September 15, which is also the date for the new expansion. The Collectors Editions costs $79.99 with all the above mentioned content, and it proved to be very controversial as it was only going to be available in the Collectors Edition. However, the additional content will now available on its own at the cost of $20.

PlayStation exclusive content (Ps4 & PS3) will have an exclusive Vex strike titled, “The Echo Chamber,” and exotic scout rifle called the Jade Rabbit, one set of armour for each of Destiny’s three classes and an exclusive Crucible map, Sector 618.


“Challenge your fellow Guardians in the Crucible map set within the ruins of an Earth colony reclaimed from the House of Wolves. Fans of Clash and Control modes will find plenty to love in this mid-sized arena: each side’s narrow chambers give way to an open center arena, connected only by two exposed bridges and a handful of a small platforms for the adventurous.”

Bungie Day 

“The launch of Destiny has meant so much more to us than the release of a new game. Our first journey around the sun together led to the origins of an amazing community.”

It’s no secret that Bungie plans on having Destiny around for the next 10 years, so to celebrate its first anniversary, the Bungie Day video is a dedication to the vast and continuously growing community.

Bungie stated that, “no one video can capture an entire year of space magic,” so they pushed out an idea to encourage all fans to share their favourite moments by submitting a video, picture or artwork with regards to Destiny on July 23.

In addition to the festivities, Bungie are also challenging players to complete various tasks in order to become legend and achieve a Laurea Prima emblem.


These “Moments of Triumph” have to be completed before September 9, 2015 which is the games first birthday. To track your progress players are able to go to a special Bungie.net page.

  • Crucible Gladiator: Win 100 Crucible matches
  • Chest Hunter: Find all golden chests
  • Public Servant: Complete 50 Public Events
  • Apprentice of Light: Achieve maximum character level
  • Light in the Dark: Prevent the summoning of Crota’s Soul
  • Light of the Guardian: Defeat the dark heart of the Black Garden
  • Light of the Reef: Capture Skolas in the Vex Citadel
  • Bane of Skolas: Defeat Prison of Elders on Hard Difficulty
  • Bane of Atheon: Defeat Atheon on Hard Difficulty
  • Bane of Crota: Defeat Crota on Hard Difficulty


You have become legend.

“Congratulations, Guardian. Your quest is complete!”

The Taken King will launch September 15 on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One for $39.99.

destinyttk2-600x508 destinyttk1-600x211


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That’s it for the latest Destiny news!

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Sony has announced 1TB PlayStation 4


Sony have announced ‘The Ultimate Player Edition’ for Europe, in addition to a revised version of the 500GB console which will be launching in Japan at the end of June. The new model will also be available, “in select Europe and PAL territories” from July 15.

Details on the newer consoles outline’s a 10% overall lightness, weighing a total of 2.5 KG as well as 8% less power consumption in comparison to the original console.

The surface of the PS4’s HDD bay cover will come with a matte finish, giving the console a more “casual look.”

PS4 Specs

SCEE Blog Manager Fred Dutton on the PS Blog today wrote that the new PS4 will be, “Offering twice the storage of the existing PS4. You’ll be able to download more of the games you love to your PS4, extend your play with more great add-on content and save and share even more of your best gaming highlights.”

Prices were not listed in the official post, however Sony have advised to those interested to, “check with your local retailer.”

These models have yet to be announced for a North American release, however seeing how Sony have registered the console with the Federal Communications Commission, it won’t be long before an official announcement is made.

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E3 2015: After 14 Years, Shenmue 3 Is Finally Happening And It’s On Kickstarter


Shenmue 3 has reached it’s goal merely hours after its announcement, which means it’s actually happening! Backers and fans can expect the game to be pushed into development as soon as possible. The Kickstarter has gained the attention of 25,318 backers, pledging a total of $2,060,283.


Sony during their E3 Press Conference announced a dearly beloved action role-playing series, Shenmue 3. After 14 years of rumoured spin-offs for the games third instalment, fans and gamers had all assumed perhaps that the title died back in 2002.

If you haven’t played any of the Shenmue games, a little rehash on the subject shines a light on the games main protagonist, Ryo. The story will pick up where Ryo’s adventure had left off, leading him to China to hunt down his father’s murderer.

Creator and developer of various titles such as OutRun, Daytona USA and Virtua Fighter, Yu Suzuki said, “We can unfold the continuous story. Shenmue 3 will be the story you have waited for. The fate of Shenmue is in your hands now.”

On the Kickstarter, Yu Suzuki said, “We are balancing our ambitions for a grand sequel with the pragmatic realities of developing a game of this scale. It will not be easy, but I have dreamed of making this sequel for 14 years – it is time to bring Shenmue back!”

Evidently, since then fans have been anticipating a conclusion to this iconic title, 2017 is the year they’re going to get it. December 2017 to be more precise, that’s if it reaches it’s target. Pushing a $29 pledge towards the project can land backers a copy for either the PlayStation 4 or PC, with no other mention of other consoles such as the Xbox or Wii, while $60 will get backers a physical copy of the game for a console of their choice.


A little history on this Sega gem highlights it’s first release for the Sega Dreamcast console back in 1999. Two years later and the sequel to the game had been pushed for both the Xbox and Dreamcast, however after those two releases, the light of this pinnacle title dimmed and the story was left unfinished.

Anyone willing to pledge higher amounts of money will get more than just a copy of the game. Higher prices includes signed art, the original Ryo press event jacket and people can even grab themselves a dinner with Suzuki himself for a pledge of $10k.

The game has been pushed to Kickstarter, with the goal of reaching $2 million USD in the span of one month. Fans of the game can pledge their money here. Any of you worried about it not reaching target can rest assured, as it has raised over $1.5 million in just half a day.

In the first 15 minutes, the project had acquired $100,000, progressing 23 minutes in, it raised $500,000. By the time is hit 8:21 PT, Suzuki’s project had pooled in $932,023 from approximately 10,761 backers – that’s a bout an hour and a half after it launched.

The Kickstarter website had even faltered momentarily due to the increasing amount of traffic for this popular title.


So who is hyped up about this beloved title finally becoming reality? Hit me up on my Twitter account for more updates @GeorgiaDanaG.

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Dishonored 2 Officially Announced plus Dishonored: Definitive Edition Coming in August for PS4, Xbox One and PC

For the first time ever, Bethesda held its own E3 conference, and boy was it filled with an insurmountable level of awe. From Elder Scrolls Online to Fallout 4, the most outstanding announcement, even though it had been leaked last week, was that of Dishonored 2.

“Explore a world unlike any other as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano – both powerful assassins with their own unique set of supernatural abilities, weapons and unusual gadgets. Define your own playstyle by blending immsersive first-person action, assassination, stealth, mobility and the game’s brutal combat system. Combine the tools at your disposal to creatively eliminate your enemies whether you choose to pursue them unseen or ruthlessly attack head on with weapons drawn. Show no mercy and leave chaos in your wake or find a more subtle way to eliminate your targets. More than ever the choices you make will determine the outcome of each mission, and ultimately the game.

Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the Lord Regent has been vanquished and the dreaded Rat Plague has passed into history. An otherwordly usurper has seized the throne from Empress Emily Kaldwin, leaving the fate of the Isles hanging in the balance. As either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca – a once – dazzling coastal city that holds the key to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the mark of the Outsider and powerful new supernatural abilities, hunt down your enemies and forever alter the fate of the Empire.”




Here’s your first look at the official trailer:

Arkane Studios showcasing the sequel to their 2012 stealth-action game, had debuted the official CGI trailer. The trailer showed a stealth-like Corvo, however to our surprise was actually Emily Kaldwin. The details of the games release is scheduled for 2016, however there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Arkane Studios have announced a Dishonored: Definitive Edition, which includes all the DLC for the PS4 and Xbox One. The game is highly recommended, especially if you haven’t actually played the first one, or even if you want to just relive the game in all its glory on the current generation graphics capabilities.

The studio announced that Dishonored: Definitive Edition will launch at a later date this year. August 25 in North America and August 28 in Europe at €40/£30/$40.


Here is a full list of details with the contents of the Definitive version

  • The Knife of Dunwall

In The Knife of Dunwall, take on the role of Daud, the legendary assassin who killed the Empress. After assassinating the Empress, and forever changing the fate of Dunwall, you embark on a search for redemption. Gain access to Daud’s new weapons, gadgets and supernatural abilities as you traverse through parts of Dunwall yet unseen, including the city’s whaling center, Rothwild Slaughterhouse, and the heavily guarded Legal District.

  • The Brigmore Witches

Continue your journey as the legendary assassin, Daud, in The Brigmore Witches. This conclusion to Daud’s story will put you at odds with warring gang factions and the dangerous Brigmore witch coven. Journey through undiscovered locales within Dunwall, including Drapers Ward and the Brigmore Manor, where you will be met with supernatural forces that test the limits of your new weapons and abilities.

  • Dunwall City Trials

In Dunwall City Trials, experience Dishonored’s flexible combat system, stealth game play, and distinct settings in a whole new way as you make your way through 10 distinct maps that feature a variety of challenges. Put your stealth, combat and mobility skills to the test as your clear demeaning objective, unlock new achievements and secrets, and climb up the global online leaderboards.

  • Void Walker’s Arsenal

With the Void Walker’s Arsenal add-on pack, gain access to four content bundles previously available only through pre-ordering Dishonored. These bundles offer unique character bonuses, additional bone charm slots and more.

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