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E3 2015: Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer


At Square Enix’s E3 Conference yesterday, Kingdom Hearts 3 received the ultimate game-play reveal, after being trolled with a mobile Kingdom Hearts game by Square Enix higher-ups during the conference that is.

It has been two years since Square Enix announced the new installment, and a running 10 years since 2005’s Kingdom Hearts 2.  If you’re an avid Kingdom Hearts fan like me, you have been waiting patiently (or impatiently), for more details and information on any slimmer of news with regards to the third title.

In a trailer showcased at the conference, audiences were shown a decent amount into what’s in store for Kingdom Hearts 3. The game-play mechanics were fluid, the visuals were stunning and vibrant and the music more nostalgic than ever. Let’s just say it hit me right in the feels.

Anyone unfamiliar with the premise of this gem of a game showcases a universe fusing the beloved worlds and characters of Final Fantasy such as Cloud, Tifa, Cid and Yufi and Disney to bring you a spectacular work of art we all know and love.

The Tangled world was also confirmed as an addition to the KH universe as Square Enix commented:

“Fans of the highly-anticipated title from the celebrated series from Disney Interactive and SQUARE ENIX will see Sora and his truest friends, Donald Duck and Goody, adventure through the world based on the hit animated feature film, Tangled.

The trailer also gives new hints to the storyline and showcases gorgeous visuals, and new game-play elements.”




In accordance to the press release by SE, the world which is based on Tangled (See images above):

“Is one of the many big reveals the team has in store and is the first announcement in a larger, deep creative collaboration between Square Enix and The Walt Disney Animation Studios.”

The games director, Tetsuya Nomura commented to the L.A. Times,

“As a core game, this is finally the third, and 10 years have passed. I couldn’t call this a trilogy. There have been so many spinoffs. In Kingdom Hearts 3, the battles that the characters have been fighting for the past 10 years will come to a conclusion. That is the plan. But the series will continue. Only the particular enemy they have been fighting the past 10 years will come to an end.”

What this means is that the series itself will not come to an end, only the conflict the characters have been battling against will come to its final conclusion.

The trailer itself begins with two characters in the midst of a game which appears to be a 3D chess, as they discuss the ancient keyblade war. These characters are a younger Xenahort and Eraqus.

The trailer shows Sora dual-wielding pistols morphed from the Keyblade, which shoot out kaleidoscopic, Kingdom-heart-esque colours in all its flamboyance, which was then shown to combine into one singular larger weapon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released for PlayStation 4 and surprisingly the Xbox One, the first to come to a Microsoft console, however information on an official release date is scarce as SE announced during the conference that the title is still “in development.”

Now here is the glorious trailer I basically had an emotional breakdown over yesterday [WARNING: Will hit you right in the feels]

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E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront November 17 Release

Electornic Arts (EA) have given a release date for their highly anticipated title, Star Wars Battlefront during their gaming conference last night at E3.

For essentially a decade, fans have been anticipating the release of a new Battlefront title, however LucasArts just couldn’t bring this request to life, especially since being bought out by Disney back in 2013. So, EA DICE (creators of critically acclaimed Battlefield series) decided to take the reigns on this project by snatching up an official licence for the title, and with the help of their Frostbite game engine, Battlefront was born.

Senior Producer at DICE, Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir commented last night at the conference, “with Star Wars Battlefront, we will immerse players in an incredibly authentic, visually stunning universe.”

“We will give you the chance to live out the Star Wars Battlefront fantasies you’ve always dreamed of, and we can’t wait to see all the memories you will create on your own.”

“We have a variety of multiplayer modes that range from large scale battles between 40 players, all the way down to 8 player modes that deliver a more intimate experience between squads of rebels imperial soldiers.”

The gaming giant showcased a five minute trailer  titled,”Walker Assault,” situated in a place called Hoth.

This is the first real footage to be shown for the title for a long time, however people must keep in mind that this is pre-alpha footage, and can be subject to change.



For those unfamiliar with the details of this game, Battlefront can be narrowed down to the combination of a Battlefield game-style and Star Wars universe to bring gamers as a first person shooter with 40-person multiplayer battles.

Who is hyped about this title progressing towards it’s final stages, and what are your thoughts on what you saw last night from the EA E3 conference? For more details feel free to follow my on Twitter @GeorgiaDanaG

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